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Signs and symptoms of breast cancer

Breast cancer can present a variety of symptoms and signs, although it is important to remember that many of these manifestations can be caused by benign conditions. However, it is essential to be alert and consult a health professional if you experience any of the following symptoms or signs:

1. breast lump or mass: You may feel a lump or nodule in the breast or armpit. Often, the lump is painless, but not always.

2.       Changes in breast shape or size: This may include asymmetry or deformities in a breast.

3.       Changes in skin texture: The skin of the breast may become reddened, scaly, or dimpled like the skin of an orange.

4.       Nipple changes: There may be changes in the nipple, such as nipple retraction (when the nipple turns inward), redness, or bloody or abnormal discharge.

5.       Breast pain: Although breast pain is not a typical symptom of breast cancer, some people with breast cancer experience discomfort in the area.

6.       Changes in the appearance of veins: Veins on the surface of the breast skin may become more noticeable or change.

7.       Changes in the shape of the breast or the size of a breast.

8.       Swelling in a breast or part of a breast.

9.       Irritation or itching of the breast skin.

10.     Changes in breast sensation: Some people may experience warmth, pain or burning sensations in the breast.

It is important to note that the breast may feel hot, sore or burning.


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