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The craze to de-stress with coloring books for adults

Over the last year the adult coloring book craze took the international publishing industry by storm.

In November 2014 it was reported that in France coloring books for grown-ups had overtaken cookbooks in sales.

And now, among Amazon’s top 10 best-selling titles are four books that require adults to stock up on paints.

Many wonder what the secret to their success is.

Why does an adult decide to “waste” hours coloring?

“Turn off the brain.”

Illustrator Richard Merritt created two such books that became all the rage in the last 12 months.

Merritt argues that the secret to their success lies in the opportunity they provide for adults to “lose themselves for a few hours” and let their “brains turn off.”

During that time fans can forget about everything, forget about problems, and focus on themselves.

In fact, some consider this phenomenon hitherto reserved for children as a method of relieving stress.

For Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford it is also a way to disconnect from screens and she calls it a “digital detox”.

Basford is the author of two successful coloring books that have sold more than two million times and is already working on a third book to be published in the fall.

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