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Lifting weights

Why lifting weights is good for you?

For many, weight training reminds them of bodybuilders and hardcore athletes who make use of iron to increase muscle size and strength. However, new studies show that weight work is an integral part of overall health and wellness for everyone. Brad Schoenfeld, associate professor of exercise science, says that weight training helps counteract bone resorption, the shrinking of bone tissue over time.

It also improves whole-body bone strength. Further research has found that weight training is one of the most effective remedies for anyone at risk for type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. In addition, weight training has been linked to improved cognitive function, better balance and less anxiety. Previously, it was thought that heavy weights needed to be lifted to achieve these benefits. According to Schoenfeld, the real key is to lift until the muscles are about to give out, regardless of the weight being used.


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