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Role of urea in radiotherapy moisturizers

Urea is an organic chemical found naturally in the human body and in some skin care products. In the context of radiation therapy moisturizers, urea can play several beneficial roles: 

1. Deep moisturization: 

– Urea has moisturizing properties and is known for its ability to retain moisture in the skin. In the case of radiation therapy, skin can become dry, rough or sensitive due to radiation exposure. The urea in moisturizers helps provide deep hydration, helping to alleviate skin dryness associated with radiation therapy. 

2. Gentle exfoliation: 

– Urea also has mild exfoliating properties. It can help remove dead skin cells, which is beneficial in situations where the skin may become rougher or flaky due to radiation therapy. 

3. Relief from itching and irritation: 

– Radiation therapy can cause skin irritation and, in some cases, itching. Urea can have soothing properties that help reduce itching and irritation, thus providing relief to affected skin. 

4. Improving the skin barrier: 

– Urea can help strengthen the skin barrier, which can be compromised during radiation therapy. By strengthening the skin barrier, water loss is reduced and the skin’s ability to retain moisture is improved. 

5. Compatibility with other ingredients: 

– Urea is known to be compatible with a variety of other ingredients used in skin care products. This allows for the formulation of moisturizers containing urea along with other ingredients beneficial to the skin. 

It is important to note that before using any skin care products, including urea-containing moisturizers, during radiation therapy, the radiation oncologist who is supervising the treatment should be consulted. The medical staff can provide specific guidance on the type of products that are safe and appropriate to use during radiation therapy, taking into account the individual needs of each patient. 


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