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Tai Chi

An alternative to high-intensity workouts with maximum benefits.

You may know tai chi as a non-weight-bearing, low-intensity exercise. However, it can be just as effective as other forms of vigorous exercise. People who practice tai chi have been found to have significant improvements in their health, such as better blood pressure, a sharper mind and lower rates of insomnia. According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, it is almost as effective as jogging in reducing the risk of death among men.

Tai chi is successful because of its calming effects on the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), the part of the body that is activated by stress. It increases hormonal and heart rate measures related to lower SNS activity, as does aerobic exercise. In addition, tai chi has a psychological impact. Its meditative quality may be easier for people who have difficulty with standard forms of meditation. According to Dr. Peter Wayne, it is “meditation on wheels.” Meditation plus physical exercise.


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